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POEA License No.: POEA-096-LB-032612-R
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Our Valued Clients:
Our company, since 1994, was able to strap up the biggest and most potential resource and asset the Philippines can offer, we were able to design and develop several briefing and /or orientation programs and techniques, commissioned to the very need of each of our client. September Star, Inc. has embarked into several stages of experiments, which were later proven dependable and effective recruitment tools.
But one unique feature in all the services we offer to our clients is our workers itself and plain obedience. At September Star, Inc., we always believe that giving any Filipino worker a job abroad is only an initial stage. We mobilize our people from the provinces, where moral standard and individual discipline is preferred. September Star, Inc. is one of the very few companies with the least number of complaints.
Nevertheless, September Star, Inc. did not persuade its commitment being an instrument to primarily enhance the lives of many Filipinos who have the skills and enthusiasms to attain their dreams through job overseas.

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